Privacy Statement - - PrescribeHire - For relief of applicant and hiring headaches.
Privacy Statement - - PrescribeHire - For relief of applicant and hiring headaches.
Privacy Statement - - PrescribeHire - For relief of applicant and hiring headaches.

Privacy Statement

PrescribeHire understands and respects the privacy concerns of clients and site visitors to We know you’re concerned with how your personal information is collected, viewed, and for what purposes that information is used by others. This policy explains the information we collect from visitors to and how that information is utilized.


Information We Collect

There are two types of information we collect on Personal and General Information. Each is obtained differently and utilized for different purposes.

  • General Information

General information consists only of completely depersonalized data. It shows only, for example, composite information on the geographic location and other demographic data on our website visitors. This information is collected with no direct connection to any individual user, meaning your specific information is disconnected from you and becomes part of aggregated data. This aggregated data is seen by us as only raw figures and is utilized by us in making strategic business decisions like features and functionality, marketing decisions, and expansion of products and services offered.   

  • Personal Information

Personal Information, which is commonly referred to as Personally Identifiable Information, includes details that are specific to you, including, but not limited to: your name, business name, mailing address, email address, phone number, etc. This information is only collected by when it is provided to us by you. Further details regarding the collection and use of personally identifiable information is discussed in latter parts of this policy.


How Information is Collected utilizes two methods of information collection. General Information is collected through direct and indirect means. Personal Information is collected only through direct means.·        

  •  Collection of General Information

General information is collected each and every time that a visitor is on our website. It is obtained through a completely safe and undisruptive manner, through direct and indirect methods.   

1.       Direct Methods include the collection of General Information when you provide personally identifiable information to us. Your personally identifiable information is separated from that General Information and only the aggregate or raw data figures make their way into out General Information data collection. In other words, your personal information remains safe and secure and completely separate from the General Information we analyze for our own business purposes.

2.       Indirect Methods include the use of cookies, beacons, and similar standard methods utilized by virtually every website on the internet. These tiny, temporary internet files are used to enable access to sections of our website and may also be used in data collection and recordkeeping.   

  • Collection of Personal Information

The only personally identifiable information collected by is the information that website visitors provide directly to us when they create an account with our website, register to access a specific site feature, complete a contact request form, or purchase services through our online client center. Although your personal information may be utilized in skimming off aggregate data for our General Information purposes, it is never associated directly with that General Information in any way and therefore cannot be traced to you or connected to you in any way. It is entirely depersonalized in General Information collection, and subsequent research and analysis activities.


How Collected Information is Used uses the information collected for several purposes. The information collected through General Information and Personal Information is utilized for different reasons and unique purposes. 

  • Uses of General Information

Data collected through aggregation of General Information is used to enhance features and functionality on our site; to develop marketing initiatives; in making more informed decisions regarding our products and services and our website; and in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our business processes, activities and operations.  

  • Uses of Personal Information

Personal information is utilized to establish secure client accounts, to register users for restricted access areas of our website, and to process client purchases from our online services area. All such information is securely stored in our database and is used in:


1.        Ensuring secure, client-specific use of our online services,

2.       Improving the registered-user’s experience on our website, by providing recommendations, information, instructions relevant to the user and the user’s specific needs, requirements and circumstances,

3.       And in providing, via correspondence, product, service, or general background checking related information offered by If you are not interested in receiving such information or communications, you may opt out of’s automated mailing services by changing your personal account profile information or by sending an email to

4.       Personal Information provided by users through the site registration processes is also utilized for General Information collection to provide aggregate data for research purposes only. When Personal Information is the source data for aggregation, it is completely disassociated from all user personality identifiable information, making only raw, anonymous data becoming part of General Information.  


Information Sharing has strict practices in place regarding the sharing of information obtained through the website. These practices safety and security of your personal information.

  • Personal Information does not share any personally identifiable information with third-parties for any purpose other than those expressly stated in this section of the Privacy Policy.


1.       Your personally identifiable information is only shared with third party vendors and business partners, and only with your express consent, in the pursuit of products and services that you have ordered, or when you have submitted a direct inquiry into third party products and services detailed on our website.

2.       Your personal information may be released to the appropriate entities and authorities upon the presentation of legal justification. may release information related to the use of this website, including any and all general, private and public information, when compelled to do so by law.   

  • General Information

We may share General Information with affiliated business partners and unaffiliated third parties for their own research and analysis purposes; however, when such General Information is shared, it is only transmitted as raw data, encompassing only aggregated and depersonalized user statistics and information.  


Security Measures takes the safety and security of your personal information seriously. We have reasonable security measures in place to protect personal information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or modification.


  • Online Reporting System

Your personal and business information, entered by you when purchasing products and services through our online services area, is secure. PrescribeHire partners with Tazworks to provide an Online Reporting System which is verified by Verizon’s Cybertrust. To view the Tazworks security certification click here. All information provided through this system, including your orders, your business contact details, financial information, your pending orders and completed reports is protected.


Third Party Links

The site contains links to third party websites. is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any other websites, and strongly encourages users to exercise good judgment and discretion in leaving our website via external links. This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected on, by and for the site and does not disclose or govern policies or practices of any other website. strongly recommends you review the privacy policy of any third party site visited via a link found on this site.


Protection of Minors

This site is not intended for the use of minors under the age of 13 and individuals under 18 years of age are not permitted to register with the site, make purchases from the site, or to use any website functions for which formal registration is required. will never knowingly share or collect any personally identifiable information of minors.  


Changes to This Privacy Policy reserves the right to make adjustments to this policy at any time and ensures that the current version of the policy is available to site users at all times. If the policy adjusted or altered in any way, we will inform our users accordingly. Continued use of our website serves as agreement with the information contained within past and updated Privacy Policies for the


California State Privacy Rights

California Civil Code Section 1798.83 provides California residents with certain additional rights related to their personal information. This code requires that an entity, such as, must provide California residents with the ability to request information pertaining to the business disclosure of personal information to third parties when such information is intended for the express purpose of direct marketing by a third party. However, as previously discussed in our privacy policy, your personal information is never shared with any third party, for direct marketing purposes or any other, unless you have expressly requested to receive information and communications from those third parties under a secure registered user account with and an affiliated third party, and in accordance with a standing business agreement held with and/or an affiliated third party.








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