General Applicants - - PrescribeHire - For relief of applicant and hiring headaches.
General Applicants - - PrescribeHire - For relief of applicant and hiring headaches.
General Applicants - - PrescribeHire - For relief of applicant and hiring headaches.

General Applicants

Conducting background checks on potential employees is quite simply a strong business practice which can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You remove the unknown from the equation and know – prior to hire – any red flags which may cause disruption to your business or result in financial or legal concerns in the future. 

Problem employees often have a history of criminal behavior or employment issues. Uncover these issues before they become yours. Avoid hiring problem candidates and reduce your risk for high employee turnover, workplace violence, theft, fraud, and drug and alcohol problems in your workplace. Head off potential litigation which can result from employee misconduct, accidents on the job, or disciplinary actions taken against problem employees. 

Background checks additionally allow you to validate information in a resume or application, thereby ensuring that you’ve shown due diligence in your hiring practices, and removing liability associated with negligent hiring. The risk involved in hiring varies from position to position and from one industry to another. At PrescribeHire, we understand the potential ramifications of failing to perform pre-employment background checks and can recommend the appropriate background screening services for your business.

There are state and federal laws and regulations that dictate how and when background checks can be performed, as well as with whom the discovery can be shared.  Trust the professionals at PrescribeHire to protect your business interests by ensuring adherence to governing laws and regulatory statutes associated with the pre-employment background checking process.

Conduct a position-specific or comprehensive General Applicant Background Check and get the answers you need before you hire.


General Applicant Background Screening

Our general applicant background check covers all the basics for hiring a new employee in any field. The package includes social security verification and address history, criminal and civil court checks, sex offender registry review, employment history verifications and professional reference interviews.


Services can also be selected individually and include:

Identity Verification w/Address History

Verify the identity and employability of the candidate by checking with the Social Security Administration and matching address history records to the individual as well.

National Search w/Sex Offender Registry Check

Search for criminal history at the national level and ensure the candidate does not appear in the sex offender registry.

Criminal Court Checks

Perform geographic-specific criminal court checks for each candidate, discovering any past or pending criminal charges filed against the candidate.

Civil Court Checks

Ensure the candidate has no current or past civil litigations on his or her record.

Employment History

Verify the employment history included in an applicant’s resume or employment application, including position held and dates of employment.

Reference Interviews

Learn what past employers and other professional references have to say about the candidate’s job performance, work ethic and qualifications.

Drug Screening  Coming Soon

Rule out drug and alcohol issues with candidates.

Driving Record and License Verification

Verify the license of any candidate that will be operating a company owned vehicle and ensure that no significant violations are present on the candidate’s driving record.

Credit Checks

Review the credit history of any candidate being considered for a position with your company in which he or she will have fiscal responsibility or be handling funds. 


To Learn More About Our Services

Follow this link to view a full, detailed listing of our verifications.

Verifications can be purchased separately, as part of a standard package, or included in a customized solutions package.

You may also learn more about out searches by visiting our service-specific pages at Medical CandidatesTenants, Volunteers and Commercial Intelligence.



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