Medical Candidates - - PrescribeHire - For relief of applicant and hiring headaches.
Medical Candidates - - PrescribeHire - For relief of applicant and hiring headaches.
Medical Candidates - - PrescribeHire - For relief of applicant and hiring headaches.

Medical Candidates

Medical workers care for people who are at their most susceptible and defenseless, and are charged with not only providing proper care and medical treatment, but for protecting patients from negligence, neglect and abuse. By conducting background checks for medical candidates you guarantee your hiring practices comply with the rigorous standards set forth and enforced by various regulatory agencies. You additionally ensure your patients receive the care they need and the personal treatment they deserve.

Conducting background checks on medical candidates takes a significant amount of effort and time. Credentials, education, experience and reputation must be verified in order to protect your practice and your patients. PrescribeHire offers a comprehensive package of standard and expedited background checking services for medical candidates. Simplify your hiring process and still maintain compliance with regulatory standards. We have the prescription to alleviate your hiring headaches.


Basic Medical Credentials Check

Verify the basic employment and education history of a medical candidate, including license numbers, board certifications, degree held, hospital appointments, and ensure the candidate can be reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid (FACIS with OIG Sanctions check). This service package covers the full scope of background screenings pertinent to medical candidates.

Services can also be selected individually, as needed, and include:

FACIS with OIG Sanctions

Ensure the candidate is in good standing with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and has not been tagged in the Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems (FACIS) database.

Medical School

Receive confirmation of medical school attendance, including dates of attendance and graduation, as well as degree achievement.

Post Graduate Training

Verify where a medical candidate received his or her post graduate training and for how long each position was held.

State Licensure

Guarantee the medical candidate holds licensure in the state in which you operate and verify that license is in good standing.

Board Certification

Make certain that the medical candidate has sat for their board exams and has completed any necessary continuing education for recertification.

DEA License

Authenticate the license of the candidate which allows him or her to write prescriptions and dispense medication.

Hospital Appointments

Review the posts held by the candidate in various hospitals and clinics throughout his or her career.

General Applicant Background Screening 

In addition to services that are focused on Medical Candidates, we can also provide other general applicant background checking services that will cover all the basics for hiring a new employee in any field. The package includes social security verification and address history, criminal and civil court checks, sex offender registry review, employment history verifications and professional reference interviews.  Often for Medical Candidates, all of the services for General Applicants are also conducted.


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Verifications can be purchased separately, as part of a standard package, or included in a customized solutions package.

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